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We are Turkey’s leading web design agency that analyzes your brand’s digital needs and develops search engine friendly, fast and effective web software.

In line with the wishes of the companies, we implement user-oriented digital designs with our creative web design team, innovative web technologies that we have built on the SEO infrastructure.

We produce professional solutions for our customers with our experience in different geographies, especially in Turkey, Mena geography (Middle East, Qatar, Egypt, Iran), Europe, with project-specific designs and technologies.

By transferring our social media and search engine “SEO” experiences to the projects we do, we increase the success rates of our customers with a digital integrated approach.

Digital marketing, not only web solutions, but also our services, where we consider all your needs as a whole;

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Digital Excellence
Digital transformation in Web Design

  • Website Opening Speed; Google gives great importance to site opening speed within the scope of site rank “value ranking of sites”. In the research conducted on users, users who visit the website do not log in to the sites opened in more than 0.5 seconds – 2.0 seconds. Your website is gzip etc. compression techniques and a professionally formed software infrastructure.
  • Mobile / Phone Compatibility; According to Google Trend statistics, the rate of mobile users has exceeded 50%, while designing the web, mobile-friendly design should be considered separately and desktop design should be considered separately.
  • Responsive Software; In these days when technology is changing rapidly, 1920×1080 , 3200×2600, 960×720 etc. There are many different resolution screens. In order for your website to be efficient and professional, it should be compatible with all screen resolutions.
  • User Friendly; The accessible website is not only fast, but also keeps the user visits, the user’s English, Turkish, etc. It should be prepared with the infrastructure that is perceived which language it is using.
  • User Experience; Webdesign will not be a successful project if it is prepared only for creative purposes. Users should find what they want and a design that meets the demands of users should be made.
  • Manageability; Web projects that cannot be updated or made difficult are considered inefficient. Your website should be compatible with the infrastructure that is open to updating and management.
  • Web Design; We develop the potential of your company with designs that are built in accordance with the website infrastructure and prepared by considering the user experience and accessibility criteria of your target audience.
  • Web Yazılım; SEO/SEM compatible website software with multi-language infrastructure is efficient in terms of speed and security, as well as elevating the user experience to the next level.
  • Mobile Software; We produce projects with optimum speed and security on mobile devices by combining web designs specially prepared for mobile tablets and phones with mobile software infrastructure.
  • UI/UX Experience; Website’s large banners, as well as menus, buttons, icons, favicons, etc. We know that graphic and typography designs are important. We pay special attention to typography and user interfaces in every project we add interesting.
  • WebSite SEM/SEO Services; We are a team that thinks that web design projects are useless once they are not accessible. As well as the software, meta, description features of the projects suitable for search engines are important, we are working to increase the number of visitors to the prepared web projects by producing unique content and words within the scope of search engine optimization.
  • Experience
  • Budget Management
  • Customer Protection Agreement / Technical Specification
  • Professional Web Design Team
  • Warranty
  • Web Design Support Service
  • Reservation (Meeting Request)
  • Pre-interview (Analysis of Needs)
  • Contract
  • Sketch preliminary drawings (preliminary design according to needs)
  • Web Design Approval Phase (Presenting the design to the customer and getting it approved)
  • Web Software (SEO infrastructure, management panel and social media remarketing integrations)
  • Delivered on time

The main platforms that companies and institutions interact with their users are websites. When choosing your company’s web design agency, you can get rid of many problems by considering the agency criteria listed below and asking the digital agency you want to work with to offer these features.

  • Customer and Competitor Analysis
  • Experience and Experience of Web Design Agency
  • Reporting Project Stages
  • Identification of Needs Correctly
  • SEO Experience and Experience
  • Success of Website Software Infrastructure

In Web Projects, design is the 1st element that makes you stand out from your competitors, but your digital content is the main criterion that will allow your customers to spend time on your site.

Interesting Line knows that well-written text keeps your visitors on your site. Your website content should help and encourage your target audience to discover your products or services.

It is important for search engines that the texts you create are user-friendly and understandable, supported by original images and videos suitable for the content, as well as user experience.

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