Social Media Agency

Social media agency enables brands to be positioned on digital platforms. Social media consultancy agency, by doing the social media management of the brands, directs the organization in order to reach the brand’s advertising, promotion and marketing planning according to the target audience. Social media, on the other hand, is digital areas where companies, brands or individuals reach their target audiences by producing their own content. If we make a broader definition, social media are platforms that we share on the internet with a variety of content such as images and videos.


Persons or brands can easily reach their target audience through social media platforms. Most importantly, they can easily share their style and thoughts with people. Today, with the development of the digital community, the number of those who actively use social media continues to increase day by day. In proportion to the increase in the number of users, the number of social media agencies is increasing under the name of social media consultancy for brands.

Social Media Agency is User Focused

With the expansion of social media platforms, user age trends also differ. In order to reach your target audience more easily and in a short time, it will be to your advantage to first determine the average age of your target audience.

Next, you need to analyze which platforms your target audience age group uses and how much time they spend. When you work with a social media agency, your agency will provide you with the necessary research and reporting for your brand.

At this point, social media agency provides consultancy services especially for brands. Social media agencies analyze your target audience. Guide you on which platforms and how you will share. It provides social media consultancy services by analyzing in detail and comprehensively from which channels you focus more on which social media applications’ algorithms increase interaction in which colors.

So, let’s look at what ways brands should follow to stay active and dynamic in social media.

Best Social Media Agencies

You should act together by identifying the best social media agencies and getting social media consultancy from your designated agency. You should determine the social media platforms you want to be on with your agency. When determining the platforms, you should decide by analyzing why you should use that platform.

Your social media presence is an important extension of your brand’s identity. Even though you know your brand very well from the inside out, we know how, where and when to share your story in order to produce tangible and real results.

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Turkey’s Best Media Agencies

Be the brand that always knows where, when and what to say. We take our place among the best media agencies in Turkey. Our expert team works with you to find your true brand voice that resonates with your target audience. Our dedicated social media strategist joins your team, improving your social media presence and contributing to relevant targeting.

What Does a Social Media Agency Do

The social media agency knows which channels and which sites and applications drive traffic, in which channel, your brand, your industry.

Although each social media channel is similar to each other, in fact, each of them differs from one another. The demographics of each social media network are different. Each campaign you will do will differ in this respect on the channels. For example; A B2B business would benefit more from using LinkedIn than from a consumer brand targeting millennials.

To summarize, when you say what a social media agency does, end-to-end social media plays and implements your brand awareness strategy according to the rules.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Agency?

Using and managing social media with the right strategies strengthens brands and institutions. So, what are the benefits of working with a social media agency for your brand? Before we talk about this subject, we would like to say that the benefits we will count will only be realized when you work with an expert and professional social media agency team like us.

Although social media and content marketing appear under separate headings, they are two overlapping areas. There is growing interest in the increasingly connected social media content marketing tactics and strategies.

Brand awareness and audience perception are critical if you want to grow your business and move it into the future. The more information people can access and have about your brand, the more you can offer your product or service to a wider community. social media is a great place to increase your brand awareness.

The social media agency will be your guide with professional and creative knowledge that enables you to progress faster on this path.

Social media management is a perception process. Social media tools provide extremely different combinations from traditional communication tools. For example, thanks to social media perception management, a trending product can generate enough sales to empty your warehouse overnight.

With the perception management in social media, the purchase of that product is placed in the minds. No matter how hard you deal with different market channels, you cannot reach such sales figures. What lies behind perception management is to target and achieve selectiveness, not coercion.

You should move your place on the internet beyond your website to the world of social media. This will bring you together with many new customers. According to your sector and target audience segment, shares and budgeted promotions in the world of social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram will create an important new channel.

Before the new advertising trends, we were faced with high budget costs for brand promotion and awareness through traditional advertising channels. Today, thanks to the increase in social media tools and the creation of social communities by these tools, we have been able to touch many communities with our instant shares. Moreover, with small results-oriented budgets.

How to Choose the Best Social Media Agency?

It means that as long as you invest in really good social media content, social media has a chance to reach potential customers and fill the sales pool for your products or services.

  • So how can you make sure you’re creating the best content for your audience?
  • Not sure how to promote your brand in the best possible way?

This is where social media agency services come into play.

Creative aspect in Social Media Agency

Every brand chooses to stay consistent in its customer experience journey. This comes about with the coordinated work of designers, content marketers and your sales team. When you receive your reports at the end of the month, this creative direction will give you the numbers you expect.

Good social media agency marketing will develop a unique or even unique aspect for your brand, putting the talents of top-notch professional designers and copywriters on the table with their confidential knowledge and experience.

When you do your research, you may encounter many institutions that provide social media agency services. In exchange for very simple services from you, they can offer packages ranging from small numbers to thousands of dollars. However, you may have to “buy cheap, buy twice”. So be careful and sure when choosing your creative social media agency partner.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

The main component of making social media management and marketing accurate and result-oriented is to have a strategy. Without creating a strategy, sharing on social media networks will have no effect and yield for your brand. You need to have a deep understanding of your target, the audience and community you want to appeal to, who they are and what they want.

If you do not take these into consideration, you will be counting where you are instead of reaching the point you want, and you will be spectating your competitors walking in front of you.

If you want to grow your brand through social media or level up as a social media marketer, it would be beneficial to work with a social media agency that provides expert social media consultancy.

The “Five Secrets” of Success in Social Media

One of the simplest ways to build your social media marketing strategy is to shed some light by asking yourself the 5W1K questions.

The first question you will ask is “Why do you want to be on social media?”

  1. What will you share?
  2. Why will you share?
  3. How will you share?
  4. Where will you share?
  5. When will you share?
  6. Who is your target audience?

 Note: The 5N1K method is used to determine the true nature of the problem. It aims to collect all the necessary data to prepare a report on the current situation.

Social Media Management

Customize Your Audience. (Age, Gender, Marital Status, Interest …) Segment your target audience unlike traditional channels. For example; If you are a furniture manufacturer, you can organize special designs for newly married couples. If you are a construction company, you can choose a group over the age of 40, such as online shopping, targeting real estate sites, areas where internet users are intense and active, so that you can reach the relevant group.

Social Media Management and Feedback

A user who likes and follows your pages on social media channels will continue to see all your posts. Keeping your dialogue strong increases your follower loyalty. And at no additional cost to you.

1 million organic followers of a page means sending free mail to 1 million people or advertising on a TV program with 1 million viewers. Today, we all know how high the cost will be in classical media.

Keep Your Brand Updated Communicate and Interact with Your Target Audience

Current and attention-grabbing content is spreading rapidly on social media. Make sure to use social media tools to be a friendly and intertwined brand with your target audience. Social media management means customer relationship management.

Social Media Marketing Model

Increase your consumer base by using various social media tools. Be sure to measure the feedback from your target audience. Thus, you can offer your products and services to them efficiently.

How to Manage Social Media

It is the extremely effective use of applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and the Y generation’s favorite Tiktok on the online target audience. These applications, which play an important role in reaching millions of people, can also play a role in brand development. All brands approach social media from a different perspective, due to the fact that social media applications have penetrated so much into our lives.

4 Golden Rules in Social Media Management

Social media agency advises you to start using social media by planning the goals of brands or reasons for choosing a particular network.

Creating content strategies for your brand gives your targeted community a good idea of what your products and services will do. If you decide to create content strategies for your customers.

As Enteresan Cizgi social media agency, we research your target audience and social keywords, test and analyze different networks and content types and present them to the social media community.

We recommend that businesses that have just entered the sector and started their branding journey should use social media networks. It is often difficult to know where to start. Don’t waste your time on social media. You can start by getting consultancy from our social media agency services.

Every brand or small business may have problems creating content from time to time. They may overlook the rules and how they should address their target audience through social channels. Each content should be designed in accordance with its own channels and presented to the target audience.

As a social media agency to broadcast the messages that brands want to convey to their target audience, we encourage the social media content and design to be interesting.

When you start working with a social media consultancy agency, you will have everything you need to create social media content with analytical data. Work with a social media agency that has experience in your industry.

You definitely have knowledge in the field you produce or serve. However, getting information from the perspective of your target audience puts your brand ahead of your competitors. Getting consultancy service from a social media agency in this regard creates the right perception for your target audience and brings you together with the right target audience.

How to Make the Best Social Media Management

In today’s world, where everyone with a social media account thinks they are a social media expert, you should definitely leave the management of your brand and business accounts to the experts of this business. For your social media agency brand, which is your consultancy, be sure to seek answers to the questions listed below.

  • What products and services do you offer?
  • Who is your product or service more suitable for? Who can use it?
  • Who is the target audience to buy the products or service? Sometimes the buyer and the user audience may not be the same.
  • Which groups do you appeal to?
  • Do you have subgroups and branches?
  • In order to choose the right target audience, you will need to think proportionally with your product or service.

Corporate Social Media Management

Companies and brands have witnessed the benefits of reaching their target audiences on social media, interacting and communicating with them, and creating a social media community with the advantage of being fluent, interactive and real-time. Social media provides a real-time dialogue between the brand and the target audience.

They can quickly get their feedback on their posts from the social media community, where the message they want to convey is effective. On the other hand, this makes it easy to predict how the audience community will react in their next posts.

In this sense, social media consultancy agency plays an important role in approaching the audience that brands want to reach. Most importantly, social media management is a great strategy for brands to communicate and interact with their target audience, and requires less financial investment.

Best Instagram Social Media Management

As Enteresan Cizgi social media management and social media agency, we develop and implement social media strategies with our digital media and social media team.

Identification of Brand Goals and Messages:  Your brand’s differences from your competitors are determined. We are developing a short, medium and long-term marketing strategy for this.

Choosing the Right and Effective Social Media Platform:  We determine which social media environment will be used in this process. (Facebook, Twitter, Google, foursquare, LinkedIn, Instagram)

Weekly – Monthly – Annual Planning: We are making corporate weekly, monthly and annual plans considering special days. For example; All posts, designs, content, etc. in January. It is determined in December. Changes can be made according to monthly dynamics and current developments.

Identification of Communication Processes: Responding to incoming interactions and determining the format of information transfer.

Sharing and Following:  Share special days even if you are on weekends and outside working hours. Track and reply to all interactions.

Reporting: Report your Source (sender, transmitter), Message (message), Channel (communication medium), Receiver-target (the party to which the message is intended to be delivered), Feedback (feedback, feedback) processes.

Listen to Your Audience

Our social media consultants and strategists analyze your industry and products and plan how your brand should be positioned in social media channels. Enteresan Line social media consultancy manages your campaigns with content and strategy that are unique to your target audience.

We do not take your brand away from your target audience, we create a dialogue.

Crisis Management in Social Media

Crisis management in social media is like a double-edged sword. In social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a crisis can get worse if not managed effectively.

Having an effective crisis management plan will enable your brand to overcome the social media crisis much better and more easily.

Today, whether it’s a global brand or a small local brand, he inevitably uses social media. In this use, they can be attached at a number of points. When a crisis arises, whether it is negative publicity or false news that has gone viral, the place to manage this crisis is again social media.

This is not like having to publish and resubmit a press release containing a typo or misquote. When you share information in the social media space, it instantly spreads to the other end of the world.

You should act by thinking that everything shared on social media networks will stay on internet networks forever. Even if a post has been deleted, a screenshot may have been taken by countless followers. Be aware that there is no turning back in this business.

As you renew your crisis management strategies and plan to include social media platforms, your team will need to present the following common mistakes.

Slow or delayed response on Social Media

Our followers want instant feedback. Because it makes them feel missed. I’m sorry, no follower thinks about what you are doing at that moment and waits for you by the phone. Quick feedback will come back to you greatly.

Public discussions

Almost all social media users are now critics. Guide your team to give your followers polite, accurate, and brand-appropriate responses.

To be caught off guard

As you make your monthly plans, organize by taking time for important messages that will be at hand for the next crises. Remember that your employees will likely be stressed out when a crisis strikes, so crafting calm and respectful statements about the brand can help set the right tone for your response.

Our interesting Cizgi Social Media Agency team sets out to create the extraordinary and never stops until they do.

Influencer And Affilate Marketing

Influencer marketing seems to be a marketing strategy that will keep its place for a long time. As companies and brands realized that marketing to young demographics such as Generation Z is a challenge, it has become clear that traditional advertising is not enough. Brands and companies have had to shift gears to see what works best.

Many brands are now leveraging the people this younger demographic trusts. Influencers are changing the face of marketing as we know it, including affiliate marketing.

Affilate marketing (establishment), is a marketing strategy that encourages you to promote your products or services in virtual environments for a certain commission.

When we get down to the essence of influencer and affiliate marketing, they are not that different from each other. When we look at influencers today, we can witness that they used to do affiliate marketing before. Like a blog page, columnists on a website…

Why Influencer and Affilate Marketing?

New Marketing Channels
Influencers with organic followers can bring your brand directly in front of targeted audiences on certain platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and Tik-Tok.

Social Media Audience
The masses of people with high popularity of phenomena and social media are affected by the influencers they follow. Eight out of ten followers tend to buy something after seeing the brand recommended by a phenomenon.

Influencer builds trust between brand and followers.

Real, high-quality influencers don’t recommend products they don’t use or trust, and their broad audiences are often aware of this.

Interactive Audiences
Influencers use social media as a way to share their lives with others, and as a result, followers feel the same bond they form with their friends and family.

Are you ready to start looking for influencer influencers who will promote your brand as a commission partner?

4 critical items in finding influencers

  1. Make sure they don’t introduce your opponent.
  2. Offer to launch co-branded landing pages with Influencer
  3. Create collateral that can be used in influencer accounts
  4. Offer a special affiliate rate

Effective Campaign Tactics in Influencer Marketing

New Followers:

Check to see if the increase is greater during the campaign compared to other times.

Social Media Engagement:

Check for an increase in comments, likes, shares, link clicks, and post views. Social media platforms monitor these metrics and analyze your campaign to see how effective it is.

Website Traffic:

Successful campaigns drive traffic to specific pages on your website, such as your shop page. You can then keep track of which potential customers go to buy something.

Contact Forms:

If you have an existing lead or registration form, check to see if you received more email registrations during the campaign.

Use Coupon Codes:

It will enable you to create numerical reporting that increased sales traffic comes from the right channel and how much potential traffic the channel provides to you. If these metrics increase during your campaigns, you know they’re successful.

Social Media Agency and Advertising

How to Make the Most of Your Advertising Budget for Your Brand We’ll share with you all your options. In this guide to social media advertising, learn how to use various social media ads to get more results while reducing your advertising budgets to less costly levels than other advertising channels.

Social media advertising is now a must if you want to reach a new and more targeted audience quickly. Of course, putting real-cost budgets on the table for the targeted organic audience can be intimidating. Therefore, it is important for you to understand all the options.

In this content, we explain how to use various social media ads by minimizing your spending.

Social Media Agency and Advertising Types

All major social media networks offer us many advertising options. That doesn’t mean you have to use them all.

While considering which social media networks we should use for advertising, it will guide us to look at which ones perform better organically. Social media networks, where your content arouses natural interest with your target audience and followers, is an obvious choice for your first social advertising campaigns.

When determining where to run your ads, it’s helpful to know which networks are most popular with your target audience and followers.

For example, Pinterest has more female users than male users. If you’re targeting a younger and more dynamic community, you’ll likely find them on Youtube and Instagram.

Most Used Social Media Platforms

Turkey Social Media Statistics

According to the We Are Social 2022 report, the number of social media users has reached 54 million. 64% of Turkey’s population is social media used.

According to the most used social media platforms, YouTube ranks first, followed by Instagram.

Now that you have an idea about which social networks are suitable for your brand, according to the brief and up-to-date information we have mentioned, let’s look at the advertisement types of social media networks.

Social Media Agency and Facebook Ads

It has three broad advertising campaign objectives.

  • Awareness
  • Review
  • Conversion

The points you need to pay attention to in your target audience: Facebook is the platform that X generation actively uses according to user age trend.

Social Media Agency and Instagram Ads

Facebook also owns Instagram. Naturally, it wouldn’t be surprising if Instagram ads support the same three broad categories of campaign goals as Facebook ads:

  • Awareness
  • Thinking
  • Convert

Audiences to consider: Instagram is most popular with the millennial community. Many Gen X communities also use the platform.

Certain Instagram ad types reflect all four of the Facebook ad types:

  • Photo
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Collect

Make sure your photo and video ads are consistent with your posts on Instagram. Consistency in your posts helps viewers understand that the ad belongs to your brand.

Social Media Agency and Twitter ads

Twitter ads are aimed at five different company / business / institution targets:

Website clicks Encourage people to visit your website. You are charged per click.

Tweet interactions: Start conversations about your brand.

Followers: Promote your Twitter account.

Awareness: Promote your tweets to a wide audience and impressions are paid for. (CPM).

App installs: Promote your tweets to the social community with App Cards and you will have to pay per click for your app to open or install.

The detail you should not overlook while considering your target audience is that two-thirds of the Twitter community are men.

Social Media Agency and LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads present your business with three types of marketing goals and strategies.

Awareness: You can create more awareness about your organization or brand.

Reflection: Increase your website visits and traffic. Encourage your social communities to view videos with social media management.

Conversions: Gather a potential audience and turn it into website conversions.

Social media community thoughts: LinkedIn, unlike other social networks, is business-oriented in its posts. It offers targeting options based on professional qualifications such as job title and seniority.

LinkedIn, titles under 150 characters have the best engagement. Larger images get higher click-through rates. LinkedIn recommends an image size of 1200×627 pixels.

Social Media Agency and YouTube Ads

YouTube ads allow you to collect leads. Increases website traffic. It increases perception management on the product and brand. It enables you to build brand awareness and expands your reach.

Points to consider about your target audience: Men users are more dominant than women on YouTube. The audience is in a descending distribution according to age groups up to 65 years old.

There are several different video ad formats in use on YouTube. Since YouTube is hosted by Google, you will need a Google AdWords account to create YouTube ads.

The most important information for Youtube ads and should never be skipped, it is seen that 76% of the viewers skip the ads. Make sure you show the most important messages for your brand and in the first 5 seconds.

Social Media Consulting

Every brand and organization is now aware that they need a social media presence and a social media consultancy agency. However, if you want to know which platforms and channels are suitable for whom and in which area, then this is where we can help you.

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most important digital marketing tools of today’s life. Social media consulting agencies make your digital marketing completely measurable. You can evaluate what works and create your strategies to improve your performance and get real results.

Our social media consultants serve as the face and voice of your brand on social networks and create the content of your social media management and social media campaigns. Sauce media is a powerful customer channel. Our expert team, which increases participation and loyalty with social media posts, provides support to increase your sales through social platforms.

What is Social Media Consulting

The shortest and concise answer to the question of what is social media consultancy: A social media consultant is the person who takes the management of target audience perception in social media networks about your brand with pinpoint content and information, and adds credibility to the brand.

What Does a Social Media Consultant Do?

The job description of Social Media Consultants, whose importance has increased as the use of social media is effective in marketing, and what they do:

  • To manage the products or services of brands in social media,
  • To make the company appear on social media in accordance with digital marketing, customer relations (Crm), communication strategies,
  • In order to increase the awareness of the company or the brand, to reach the appropriate followers for the target audience,
  • To carry out activities aimed at obtaining continuous customers by providing awareness on social media,
  • Creating a communication strategy for customers’ requests while increasing awareness on social media,
  • Reporting and analyzing the activities done for social media on a regular basis,
  • Detecting and analyzing information about the benefits of content sharing on social media,
  • Determining and implementing the path to be followed by focusing on new strategy plans as a result of the analysis of useful and deficient aspects.

How to Do Social Media Consulting

Whether with a professional social media consultant or with your own work, you should take action for social media. If you want to do your own social media management or consult companies, you need to have some skills.

  • You should be able to create visual and written content.
  • You should be nice to all social media platforms
  • You should be able to manage comprehensive advertisements.
  • You should organize campaigns and sweepstakes.
  • You should be able to analyze social media data
  • You should be able to deal with social media crisis management.
  • You should be able to do target audience analysis.
  • You must have a demographic language.
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