Corporate Identity Agency

Corporate identity design agency; a special image, permanence in the customer’s mind, allows you to take a step ahead of competitors and be preferred. 

Corporate identity is the most important part of the branding process of companies. It determines the vision, purpose and value of the company. In addition, corporate identity acts as a Decoupling element between competing companies. You can recognize and distinguish brands through corporate identity studies.

You can professionalize your branding process by bringing aesthetics to the forefront in visual communication and reflecting your corporate identity correctly.

Corporate Identity Agency Services

We complete your brand goals and objectives with our corporate identity agency services. We carry out all the corporate identity work you need, high-quality works with our expert staff. Thanks to our services that will add prestige to your brand image, you can create and strengthen your communication language with your customers.

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Product Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Mobile Application Design
  • Email Signature Design
  • Brand Slogan
  • Mobile Signature Design
  • Business Card
  • Diplomat Envelope
  • Kraft Envelope
  • Contract Design
  • Sales Contract Design
  • Pennant
  • Pr
  • Textile
  • Hat
  • Label design
  • Box design
  • Paper, bag, calendar
  • Notepad
  • Coaster
  • Letterhead
  • Pen – Pencil design
  • Clock Design
  • Keychain
  • Announcement Guide

What is Corporate Identity?

To the designs and works that determine the value, purpose and image of an organization and enable it to represent itself in every field It is called corporate identity .The concept that is usually drawn within certain boundaries and does not change is called corporate identity.

Interesting Line corporate identity agency deals with the physical image of the brand as a whole by conducting corporate identity studies. Logo-emblem, catalog, corporate document, etc. it increases your brand vision by providing corporate identity service. Corporate identity shapes your communication with visual works.

It Deconstructs your corporate identity in order to eliminate the identity confusion that arises between companies. It introduces your future goals, who and what you are through effective corporate identity studies. You can promote your product or service in the best way by creating your corporate identity. You can reach more target audience faster with corporate identity work.

Corporate Identity Design

Original and powerful by creating a corporate identity design, you can attract the attention of your customers and strengthen your brand image. The most important point in corporate identity design is that it is easy, impressive, aesthetic and shows integrity. Corporate identity work, with visual elements ( logo, icon, color and typography ), etc. it is formed as a result of embodiment studies.

You exist with your corporate identity inside and outside the institution. By focusing on this, we carry out corporate identity studies that will affect the target audience and trigger product or service purchasing behaviors. Logo design for your brand, we are setting up corporate identity studies and other corporate product studies in a professional way. Convey the message you want to convey with your corporate identity thanks to the special corporate identity design with our expert staff. The main goal of a successful corporate identity design is to be original and different.

How is Corporate Identity Design Work Done?

Corporate identity design is a set of works that represent the position inside or outside the company. The basis consists of the company name and logo. Other studies are also carried out on the basis of logo design. Corporate identity design is a job that requires expertise. For professional corporate identity design, it is necessary to partner with a corporate identity agency or work with an expert designer team.

We, the corporate identity agency, are editing your brand story that reflects your corporate image. We position your brand by providing more impressive promotion of your brand. By determining the colors of your company, we make logo designs that will suit you best and represent you best. Business card, receipt, invoice, etc. that you can use inside or outside the company. we design other printed materials according to your logo and corporate vision. The corporate identity design studies that we have done specifically for you are extremely important for your company success. For this reason, we are carrying out a corporate identity study that shows your creative, original, corporate image.

For corporate identity design corporate identity prices and working details you can get detailed information by contacting our agency.

Corporate Identity Agency Design Process

Before the design process: is the process by which the goals and expectations of a company are determined. It is the process by which the company transfers its short- and long-term plans, expectations to the designer and the corporate identity agency. The designer enters into the process of working in accordance with the wishes and purposes of the company. Therefore, at this stage, brands and companies need to transfer themselves, their goals and objectives well to the designer.

Design Presentation Process: is the process of presenting the works made in accordance with the determined goals and requests. At this stage, the designer presents the designs he has created according to the company’s vision. During this process, it is checked whether the designs meet the expectations. In addition, the points that need to be improved are optimized.

Design Approval Process: At this stage, all the work is completed and the use operations begin.

Corporate Identity Agency Services

Within the scope of the corporate identity service offered by the corporate identity agency, there are many factors ranging from logo to office design. The main corporate identity agency services are as follows:

Logo/Emblem Design

Logos are the most important part in corporate identity design work. Logo design allows the brand to be visually remembered and perceived. Another important part is the brand slogan. The brand slogan should sum up the service offered by the company in a few words. Logos and brand slogans are the most important corporate identity elements of the company’s vision and brand image.

Corporate color / corporate font

Every company should have a specific color family and font. Since colors show an idea and a thought, they should have a positive impact on the target audience.

Web Design

In website design, web design work is done by taking into account logos, colors and fonts. We also design your web designs in accordance with your corporate identity.

Social Media Design

In the corporate identity study, social media accounts should be parallel to the corporate identity of the brand. There should be accounts and corporate identity language that reflect the brand’s corporate identity.

Mobile Application Design

Mobile applications should also be in a way that suits the corporate identity. At the same time, logos in mobile applications should reflect the institutionalism of the mobile application design.

Mobile Signature Design

With the mobile signature design, you can sign your documents electronically as if you were making a wet signature in digital.

Email Signature Design

You can provide more information about your company or brand with corporate mail signature designs and reflect your corporate identity.


Other Corporate Identity Elements

Official Documents;

  • Collection Receipt, Invoice,
  • Invoice with Waybill,
  • Stamp Design,
  • Printed Documents,
  • Business card,
  • Diplomat Envelope – With Windows, Without Windows,
  • Kraft Envelope,
  • Bag Envelope,
  • Folder Personnel Card with Pocket, Wire, Bellows,
  • Security Card,
  • Employee Card,
  • Institution Car Card, Staff Car Card Sticker,
  • Gift Card,
  • Expense Compass,
  • Proposal Format Design, Contract Design,
  • Sales Contract Design

Logo Colors:Cmyk, pantone,rgb

  • Logo color family, integrity and correct – incorrect use
  • Emblem logo integrity
  • Logo typography study, color revision study
  • Logo’slogan, text, etc.’ areas of use of jewelry Typography general standards
  • Corporate identity directory, logo identity directory

Digital printing – Signage Indoor Signage Design, Outdoor Signage, Totem

In-Building Orientation Signage Orientation Infographic

Digital Needs:

  • Mobile signature design
  • Letterhead Word Format, Mobile Screen Saver, Desktop Screen Saver,
  • Digital Invoice Design, PowerPoint Master Slide E-mail Guide
  • E-subscriber announcement guide, social media guide, web design standards
  • Flag – Exhibition – Promotion digital banner guide Table Flag, Send Flag
  • Pennant
  • Swallow Flag
  • Sailing Flag
  • Cloth Banner
  • Adv Roll Up Guide Billboard Guide
  • Printed Media Advertising Guide
  • Pr


  • Vehicle dressing, Building dressing
  • Textile
  • White Collar Tshirt, Blue Collar Tshirt Vest
  • Hat


  • Catalog standard formats, Brochure standard formats
  • Magazine and Promotional Bulletin Trifold Advertising Standards
  • Brand special needs
  • Package Tape design
  • Bag design
  • Label design
  • Cargo box
  • Box design standards, basic box design standards
  • Package design standards
  • Basic documents


  • Plaque design, USB
  • Paper, bag, calendar
  • Notepad
  • Coaster, clock
  • Letterhead
  • Bag envelope
  • Pen – Pencil design, watch design
  • MousePad, keychain

Hr. Ads:

  • News standards guide, text guide
  • Announcement guide

Why Is Corporate Identity Design Important For Businesses?

There are many companies or companies that are in the same sector and do the same job. Accordingly, there is a competition in both the traditional Sunday and the new generation of digital marketing. It is a very difficult and important process for companies to be noticed in a competitive environment. At this point, the corporate identity agency enables companies to take a step ahead of their competitors with the corporate identity design that will reflect their image to the companies. As a result, creative and successful corporate identity design always attracts the user’s attention and increases the success rate. You can increase your awareness and company loyalty with corporate identity, which is the most important supporter of the branding process.

In short; As a corporate identity agency, we carry out corporate identity design studies to make your company a pioneer in the sector. With these studies, you can have an original, creative, corporate identity that will bring prestige. We are a corporate identity agency that designs corporate identity that strengthens and grows companies.

Examples of Corporate Identity

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Sıkça Sorulan Sorular

How is Corporate Identity Work Done?

Corporate identity study is a design study of items used inside and outside the company that reflect the physical appearance of enterprises. Logo design, business card, letterhead, etc. all items are formed as a result of corporate identity work. Corporate identity work is mainly done with brand name and logo design. All other products are formed based on the logo design and colors. They are logos that visually identify and represent the brand in the minds of customers. The corporate identity study reflects the stance, vision and behavior of the enterprise. For this reason, the corporate identity study is an important study for companies. At the same time, corporate identity creates brand communication. The corporate identity study consists of the following stages as a result of:

  • Company name / brand name
  • The purpose of the company, its goals
  • Memorable logo design
  • Slogan appropriate to the company activity
  • Color palette, font family that will make the images more effective
  • Other corporate identity products that are necessary in the digital world

Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity design is the most important digital work in providing brand awareness and creating brand perception. They are corporate identity designs that promote your brand and provide visual permanence. Corporate identity design is designed differently for each sector and brand. Original and creative identity design shows uniqueness in the eyes of customers. For example, when you enter a restaurant, the restaurant design, the costume of the employees, when you see the color harmonies used as a whole, that restaurant will remain in your mind as an identity. This is why corporate identity design is an important identity study for every sector and every business.

Corporate Identity Company / Company

Corporate identity firm, company or agency are enterprises that professionally design corporate identity. These are the studies that these companies have created with their expert team by identifying the corporate identity studies that brands need. Corporate identities are the design and work that every brand needs. This is why brand awareness cannot be achieved in a situation where there are no corporate identities. Corporate identity companies are specialized in logo design, business card, packaging design, website design, social media design, etc., which the brand needs. he conducts studies in comprehensive areas. The best corporate identity agency or company is a company that works with an expert and experienced team and performs professional corporate identity designs. When choosing a corporate identity agency, it is useful to examine the studies and references made by the agency more specifically. Especially in this digital age, the corporate identity firm is increasing every day. Accordingly, brands should be careful in choosing the best corporate identity agency. It is possible to create an effective and successful corporate identity design with the best corporate identity company.

What is a Corporate Identity Agency?

Corporate identity agencies are companies that professionally design all the corporate identity products needed by a company. They are the corporate agencies that create the brand identity and guide the corporate identity in the best way. With the corporate identity agency service, you can reflect your mission and vision in the best way.

In short; As a corporate identity agency, we carry out corporate identity design studies to make your company a pioneer in the sector. With these studies, you can have an original, creative, corporate identity that will bring prestige. We are a corporate identity agency that designs corporate identity that strengthens and grows companies.

Why is a Corporate Identity Agency Needed?

Brands that want to create a corporate image need a corporate identity agency. However, the corporate identity agency provides professional services by designing all corporate works as a whole. That’s why companies need a corporate identity agency. Corporate identity agency provides the following advantages for businesses:

  • Professional corporate identity agency leads brands by creating corporate identity in digital areas.< / li>
  • Strengthens the brand image with corporate identity design.< / li>
  • Distinguishes companies from each other with corporate identity work.< / li>