Corporate Identity Design


Corporate identity design is a professional work and creative agency job of a company that reflects itself to the outside world. This concept, which is described as corporate identity and which you have heard very often lately, is the identity of a company/company that forms the internal/external image and stance of a company. Yes, just as you think, the corporate image of a company is just like a personal image.

Just as we are creating our personal image, are not factors such as our career, profession, social environment, and skin and eye color determining factors in our color choices? Here, many factors such as our sector, target audience and competitors will be our determining factors in the identity design image of our company. The identity agency is your guide at this point. Just like a compass.

In other words, the design of identities eliminates identity confusion among companies. In addition, with your professionally designed corporate identity, it will enable you to gain prestige in the eyes of your customers and target audience. It will also increase your prestige and allow you to be memorable.

Now, I invite you to the kitchen of our work so that we can better understand the design of the corporate identity. When you come to the bottom of the page, you will reach the necessary information with all the details from color choices and typography, from corporate logo to design to office design, and you will discover plenty of design examples.

What is Corporate Identity?

Corporate identity is a creative design that reflects the image and personality of a company or brand, including elements such as color, typography, logo and slogan. A creative identity design aims to attract the attention of your target audience. so, for example, it is very important to choose the colors of your logo. Every color has a feel and every font has a meaning.

In order to develop your brand and reach your target audience with an effective language and presentation, it will be beneficial to work with agencies that best reflect your identity designs, express your sector, and show your stance among your competitors.

What is Corporate Identity Brand Image

A brand image consists of every experience a person has with that company, person, product or service. What you think of when you see the logo is its perception of the brand or company’s personality. Creating a successful and attractive brand requires proper strategy, positioning, marketing and messaging to appeal to a company’s target market. Ultimately, a brand is created with its target audience in mind, based not only on the strategy, positioning, marketing and logo created by an agency, but also on the company’s behavior, ethics and values. When a customer feels aligned with a company, it is an emotional connection, a connection based on shared vision and values.

What is Corporate Identity Design

Corporate identity design is a set of graphic works that reflect the company’s self-image through rules and values ​​covering all areas of the business. Your corporate identity requires planning. Identity designs must be analyzed and organized to convey a coherent image.

Corporate identity includes all visual aspects and design elements of a company, from logos to social media assets and stationery. Thanks to a strong design, the brand image is instantly recognized and this creates a lasting impression on the customers.

However, corporate identity is more than design; who you are as a company. So on the one hand, it includes elements of corporate design, but also your culture, values, and internal and external communications.

Aside from design inspiration, the identity designs that garner recognition and attention serve to show the importance that consistency plays in branding. If you want to renew or completely rebrand your corporate identity, it is essential that your company considers every aspect that falls under the umbrella of ‘corporate identity’.

The Importance of Corporate Identity Design

Do you want to reach higher profits and more customers? Yes, I can hear their voices.

When you analyze the well-established companies that have global customer experience today, they all have a corporate identity. First of all, it is the basic and first step of being a brand.

If you want your business to become a brand, the first step of being a brand is to prepare your corporate identity design with its aspects that describe your business down to the finest detail. When you present your brand planning with the right designs, you can easily make the message you want to convey in the perception of your target audience feel and ensure that it is fast at the point of purchase. There is a well-spoken saying here: ‘time is money’. You can enjoy many customers with a fast convincing identity design.

We think that the likelihood of an organization being valued based on its corporate identity is as likely as anything. We believe a consistent “look and feel” is important. We do not have a sector where we do not work on identity, or ideas that bring previously designed analogies to life. We create identity works for each brand that make it special and meaningful. Our expertise reflects a fundamental truth of creativity.

In our experience, an organization’s corporate identity often makes a first impression. That’s why we work hard to understand your proposal and then make it easy for your brand to interact with your target audience. We provide different images and messages to engage and encourage your target audience. We create user guidelines to keep your brand communication on track.

Must Have Corporate Identity Design

We build new designs from scratch. We recreate your existing designs with or without a logo change. Whether you’re a starter or just starting over. A corporate identity is tangible. It appeals to the senses. Increases recognition and memorability. Correct identity design also stands out in large market places. It shows that you are ready to invest in the future. It conveys the message of desire to lead in your industry.

Professional identities create an emotional bond with your target audience. It creates relationships that last for years. And it gives employees the opportunity to motivate. Because it makes you feel trust and belief.

The interesting line corporate identity agency and our design team provide differentiation and enable organizations to be recognized and remembered more easily. They make big ideas and meaning accessible. They take different elements and combine them in their designs with all their visuality. We give you more than you give us.

Corporate Identity Agency

A corporate identity is the image and face of a company. The most important point in design work is that it is understandable, attractive, aesthetically pleasing and complementary to each other. Of course, if the job is based on aesthetics, it should be passed by an expert. This is where the corporate identity agency comes into play. When you surrender yourself to expert hands, where interesting and creative ideas are the doyens, you put your signature to professional works.

Why Should You Work With a Corporate Identity Agency?

Corporate identity includes much more than a logo, it is a reflection of a company’s personality and the way it works. As an identity design company, our job is to capture these elements with a creative visual concept that leaves a remarkable impact on your target audience. Logo design is part of corporate identity, but identity design is a much broader field.

It includes guidelines for the design of corporate identity, the creation of a web page, brochures and digital commercial catalogs. They are communication tools that are part of a company’s marketing plan. Therefore, a good corporate identity guide is essential for the proper performance of a brand. Interesting line corporate identity agency focuses on designing unique and eye-catching visual elements that represent your company’s personality, allowing you to captivate your customers and succeed in the market.

Corporate Identity Stages

Your company’s vision and mission, core values, culture and behavior all need to be role modeled by your company and your team, embedded in everything you do, and brought to life in your corporate design. This is where corporate identity design comes into play.

1. Think Where You Come From

While creating identity designs, you should look at the whole. While aiming for the future, you should also evaluate your past.

How did you start your industry?

What exactly do you do and what do you intend to add to your product/service category?

What is your vision and mission?

What is your plan for the development of your brand?

2. Find Out Where You Are

It’s a good idea to understand where you are today before you arrive at your destination. Before you start looking at where you want to get to, you will want to understand where you are today. Take the time to do some research to answer questions like:

What do your current customers think of you?

What are the consumer comments about your current company products?

You could be exposed to really negative feedback and keywords that you want to keep. But you can also find areas for improvement. You should use both positive and negative inputs to create the corporate identity design of the future.

3. Take an Outside Look at Your Company

Look beyond your own company to see what’s going on around you. What are your competitors doing? What did you do? Do some more research on who your competitors are and see this:

What can you learn about the corporate identity of your competitors?

What do you think makes one company successful and another unsuccessful?

To become aware of these distinctions as you create your own identity, again, write down the insights you have gained, both positive and negative.

4. Create a Vision for the Future

Having a clear vision will help you get where you want to be. When to create a corporate identity. You can plan by getting support from design agencies. They will build a corporate identity design that will carry you to the future. Look for answers to a few questions about your corporate identity and future goals with the design agencies you will start working with. For example; you want to look ahead to where you are trying to get with your business, let’s say over a five-year horizon:

  • Where would you like to be with your company five years from now?
  • What will your internal structure and team look like?
  • Which new products and services will you launch?

Looking ahead in this way will help ensure that the identity you develop now is not only relevant for years to come, but will also help you get there.

5. Enhance Your Corporate Identity

You have determined where you came from, where you are today and where you want to go, you learned what your competitors are doing, and now you are ready to create your own corporate identity. Note that this means both design aspects as well as company culture and brand image.

Corporate Identity Design stages

Learn more about how to develop your brand strategy. This will take you to the key elements of your cause, core values, brand personality, and position.

Learn more about developing your brand corporate identity It includes how to implement it.

Learn more about creating a brand identity guide. Here you will have gathered all these elements of your brand identity in a handy way.

What is the Corporate Identity Guideline and Why is it Important?

It is a document that a company creates and submits in conjunction with its brand image design or redesign. The identity guide identifies and collects elements that are part of a brand’s visual identity.

A corporate identity guide is a set of guidelines for design practices. In other words, it creates instructions on how to use your corporate graphics to create a strong brand identity. Your brand’s identity image design should never be left to chance in any context. Therefore, each of its details must be adapted to a particular style. In this way, the presence of a consistent corporate identity will inspire trust, reliability and professionalism to your target audience.

What Does the Corporate Identity Guide Contain?

Logo Design

Your brand or company logo is a powerful marketing tool that communicates important information about your business. A corporate identity design guide includes instructions on how to use it effectively.

Font Styles

As part of identity design development, graphic designers identify a set of font styles that better express your company’s personality and indicate when it’s more appropriate to use them.


Your identity design will have a color scheme that evokes the emotions you want to inspire in your target audience. Both primary and complementary colors should be reflected in the guide with their specific functions.

Graph Lines

While creating a brand, its graphic line should be defined. A graphic line corresponds to the layout guidelines of your communication materials, which contributes to building a positive reputation.


Icons are very useful to explain the functions and features of a website with an interactive approach. They also help you explain the steps of the processes and make them easy to understand for users.

What are the Elements of Corporate Identity

As we mentioned above, we mentioned identity designs as the whole of the works that form the internal/external image and stance line.

Now let’s examine this wholeness piece by piece under the sub-fishes.

  • Emblem / Logotype usage standards
  • Letterhead design
  • Continue paper design
  • Envelope design
  • Business card design
  • File design
  • Notepad design
  • Communication forms
  • Internal referrals
  • Design of accounting documentation (Invoice, Waybill, Receipt etc…)
  • Company dress code and code of conduct
  • Design of digital materials
  • Corporate identity usage standards guide

clock design

pen design

glass design

flag design

checkered flag design

triangle flag design

agenda design

notepad design

Notebook Design

website main colors

Correct misuse of logo

Digital use of logo

invitation design

Job posting, invitation organization standard application

Digital advertising, banner, display advertising standards

Logo design integrity

logo emblem design

logo font design

Logo identity work

Correct misuse of logo

Logo colors, pantone, cmyk, rgb etc.

Logo engineering drawings

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